First Steps to Selling a Home

Thinking of selling your home?

There is a wealth of information online for buyers, but that’s not the case for sellers. We have been working with sellers in the area since 1985 and are familiar with the subjects sellers want to know. Throughout our years of experience we have listened to our clients about what they feel is important. We have designed our seller services to meet the needs of a seller — frequent and honest communication, the supply of up-to-date and pertinent information about the market and feedback from showings, as well as the use of tested and proven marketing plan. Not only that, we have cultivated a network of other successful Realtors around the country that assist our clients in selling their homes in other areas in order to relocate to the Twin Cities.

How long will it take to sell your home?

Every home is unique and every seller’s situation is different. Amenities, area, condition, and pricing all come into play as well as a host of other variables. Though it is impossible to know for sure how long your home will be on the market, careful evaluation of these factors can supply a realistic estimate.
A market analysis is the best place to start. Even if you’re not sure when you plan to move, we can assist you in determining a range of value, what you can do to get your home ready for sale, and evaluate your needs for your next home. Part of our market analysis is taking close look at the market for your particular type of home including: how many comparable homes are available, what price similar homes are selling for, the seasonal factors relating to your home’s sale, and so forth.

What was the sale price of the home down the street?

As a homeowner, it is a good idea to keep an eye on property values in your neighborhood. We offer a free service called My Street. It’s a program we have developed, originally for our past clients, that allows you to keep track of real estate market activity on the street that you live. All we ask is that you give us an interview to list your home when, or if, you decide to sell. The information about homes on your street is delivered to your email. Sign up today – it’s free!
  • Are you willing to move twice? If you put your home on the market and it sells before you find a home you like and close on it, is moving into temporary housing a realistic option for you?
  • What about “bridge” or “swing” financing? If you put your home on the market, then find a home, are you eligible and willing to commit to a short-term loan that would allow you to purchase the next home before your current home sells?
  • Do you have special needs in a home? Are you looking for a unique property or are you flexible about what features and amenities your next home needs to have? Keep in mind, the more specific requirements you have about your next home, the longer it could take to find it.
  • Do you know how much you will net from the sale of your home? Will the sale of your current home be supplying you with money that will allow you to purchase your next home? If your home does not sell for what you had initially envisioned, will that compromise your plans for buying your next home?
These are all issues that your Perkins Team agent can help you sort through. We have had an abundance of experience working with clients in a variety of situations. We usually suggest getting a market analysis of your current home and contacting your mortgage banker (contact us for our recommendations) to explore your financing options. Armed with all the facts, the course of action is much easier to plan. We’d love to interview with you for a chance to win your trust and your business.
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About Jon Perkins

Jon is the Lead agent for the Perkins Team with RE/MAX Results. Jon has been selling homes accross the Twin Cities since 1985. Jon works with his wife Mary Beth and his team of real estate professionals to provide the highest level of service available in the real estate industry.

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